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Crabby in the News: The Sunglow Pier, more than 60 years as the area's other pier

a man standing on a beach

*Article Credit to Mark Lane, Daytona News Journal, Photo Credit to Jim Tiller, Daytona News Journal 

"The Sunglow Pier is the beachside’s other pier, small and newer than the Daytona Beach Pier but still an attraction. The Daytona Beach Shores shoreline attraction celebrated its 60th anniversary last summer. Built in 1960 and rebuilt in the late 1980s, it stretches 950 feet over the waves. It is privately owned, home to Crabby Joe’s Restaurant, and still a destination for area anglers. For a time when both the Daytona Beach Pier and Flagler Pier were closed for repairs, it was the area’s only ocean pier that was open for business.

The original pier was constructed from old railroad ties from Flagler County. It suffered from a period of neglect in the 1980s and a 40-foot section fell off in the nor’easter of 1981 and then again the next fall. The city of Daytona Beach Shores declared the structure unsafe and closed the pier in 1984. For a time, it looked like the city would need to take it over.

But the pier remained in private hands and was rebuilt and reopened on March 10, 1988. It’s remained a local landmark ever since."
– Mark Lane

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