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The Category 5

a glass of orange juice next to a cup of water

For thirty years, Crabby Joe’s and the Sunglow Pier have stood on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. We’ve seen many big storms in our day, and we think you should, too… just without any of the power outages and howling winds.

Behold: The Category 5. Our version of a hurricane, with a little Crabby Joe’s twist! LOADED with white and dark rum, orange juice, with a touch of sweetness from grenadine and a splash of simple syrup. To really give it that last gust of wind, we float a little bit of 151 proof rum on the top!

Best enjoyed on the sunniest of days, where the calm isn’t always before the storm. For just $7.99 you can get the real Floridian experience without the winds and the rain. You can also upgrade the drink by throwing it in one of our 32oz buckets, just double the price!